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Tokenfox, Tokenfox Service is a communication system that is implemented on the Internet on websites with the help of appropriate software, designed for communication between Performers and Users.
Services are activities of an entertainment nature that the Contractor independently, without any agreement with Tokenfox, performs in the interests of Users through the Tokenfox Service on the Website. The Services are provided in the forms that are available in the Tokenfox Service on the Website now or will be available in the future, including but not limited to: live streaming, video chat, messaging, downloading unique content for the purpose of viewing it by Users for an appropriate fee, etc. etc. The list of Services includes all services that are indicated in the corresponding section of the Tokenfox service and may change from time to time.
User - an individual who has reached the age of majority, as understood by the legislation of the country of which such an individual is a citizen, but in any case at least 18 years of age, who is registered on the Website, orders and pays for the Services, or only browses the contents of the website for free from using any means of communication.
Artist - Model or Studio.
Model - an individual who has reached the age of majority, as understood by the legislation of the country of which the person is a citizen, but in any case is not younger than 18 years old, registered under the corresponding Account, which on its own behalf provides personal Services to Users.
Studio - an individual or legal entity that has organized, on behalf of the Studio and under its own responsibility, the provision of Services to Users independently or using the Studio model.
Studio Model - an individual who has reached the age of majority, as understood by the legislation of the country of which the person is a citizen, but in any case not younger than 18 years old, registered under the Studio Account and providing Services on behalf of the Studio.
Token is a title unit used in the Tokenfox service to pay for the Contractors services, which the User can purchase in the Tokenfox service through payment systems.
Balance of tokens - the number of Tokens owned by the User or the Contractor, the number of which is reflected in the personal account of the User or the Contractor.
Free chat is the interaction of the User with the Performers in the form of writing text messages on the screen.
Private chat - interaction of the User with the Contractor in the form of text messages.

1. Tokenfox General Terms and Conditions

Tokenfox makes every effort to ensure that all Users and Performers are satisfied with the Tokenfox service. For this, Tokenfox cooperates only with those persons who are ready to provide the Services at the highest level. However, Tokenfox does not guarantee that the Tokenfox service meets all and any expectations of Users or Performers. Tokenfox does not give any guarantees or representations regarding information, Services and everything related to this. All actions that the User takes on Tokenfox, the User takes at his own peril and risk.
All Services available on Tokenfox are adult-to-adult services. Everyone, both Performers and Users, must be adults, that is, adults, as determined by the legislation of the state of which the Performer or User is a citizen. In some countries, the age of majority is 18 years or more, but in some countries, the age of majority is at the age of 21.
In the event that you are not an adult, you cannot use or provide the Services and must immediately leave the site and stop using any of the site's services.
Any hints of a minor age, both from the side of the Contractor and from the User, are not allowed. Also, any manifestations related to child pornography are not allowed.
Any hint or use of animals, bodily waste, blood and anything related to it is prohibited.
Tokenfox has the right to view and control the activities of Users and Models in order to ensure compliance with the rules for using Tokenfox. Such control can be carried out from time to time or on an ongoing basis, including the recording of all necessary information by Tokenfox. If Tokenfox reveals cases of violation of this Agreement, Tokenfox has the right to suspend and / or delete the violator's account.
No one, except Tokenfox or with its express permission, has the right to save, record, reproduce, copy, delete, distribute any materials and data related to the Tokenfox service, User, Model or Studio, regardless of the form.
Any use of Tokenfox is permitted and permitted only and exclusively within the expressly provided functionality.
Personal meetings of Users and Models, as well as proposals for a personal meeting of Users and Models, are prohibited by Tokenfox rules.
Tokenfox expects all Users, Studios and Models to comply with applicable laws. In the event that the actions of the User, Model or Studio violate any laws or customs, as well as the usual rules of conduct, or violate someone's intellectual property rights, Tokenfox has the right to take all reasonable measures to immediately suppress such violations, including the removal of all that in the opinion of Tokenfox constitutes such a violation without any agreement with anyone.
In case of violation of the rules, Tokenfox has the right to suspend the account and then, after verification, completely delete the account of the User, Model or Studio. Tokenfox will not be liable for any possible loss as a result of such deletion, nor will it be obligated to pay any compensation or refund money for purchased but not used Tokens.
By registering with the Tokenfox service, Users, Models and Studios hereby accept this Agreement and agree to indemnify Tokenfox, its officers, directors, managers, shareholders, affiliates and companies associated with Tokenfox from any claims, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonably incurred legal costs and expenses) arising from any actual and / or alleged violation by the User, Model or Studio of the terms of the Agreement.

2. Statements, guarantees and obligations of the Tokenfox User

All Users using the Services and capabilities of the Tokenfox service must declare that they have reached the age of majority. If Tokenfox becomes aware that the User has deceived Tokenfox about his true age, Tokenfox will delete the User's account. Using the Services means that the User agrees with this Agreement in full.
The User understands that in case of any questions, doubts, unusual situations in connection with the use of the Tokenfox service, the User can immediately contact the Tokenfox support service. At the same time, the User understands that in this case he will have to follow the instructions of the support service in the best possible way.
The user understands that the Tokenfox service is intended exclusively for adults, i.e. persons who have reached the age of majority in the country of their citizenship and the User explicitly declares that he has reached the required age to use the Tokenfox service.
The User confirms that all information about himself and all the guarantees that the User provides are true. In the event of a change in personal data, the User will notify Tokenfox of such changes. In this case, the User will be deemed to have fulfilled his obligation to inform after receiving feedback from Tokenfox, which unambiguously confirms that the corresponding notification has been received by Tokenfox.
The user independently ensures the confidentiality of his account and password.
The user understands that he can stop using the Tokenfox service at any time.
The User confirms that, as far as he knows, using the capabilities of the Tokenfox service does not violate the laws or customs of the User's place of residence.
The User understands that any materials in any form that are available on the Tokenfox service are intended solely for the provision of Services within the Tokenfox service. Given this, the User will not record and in any other way use the materials that became available to the User when using the Tokenfox service, outside the Tokenfox service.
The User is fully aware that viewing adult content is allowed only for viewers aged 18 years (or 21 in some regions), taking this into account, the User will take all measures to prevent minors from viewing the Tokenfox website or ordering any of its services.
The User understands that some Services are paid services, payment for which occurs on the terms specified on the Tokenfox website.
The User understands that the Tokenfox service is not responsible for the content of the Services, the content of the Services is determined by the agreements between the Contractor and the User. Considering this, Tokenfox is not responsible for the negative consequences for the provision of the Services. At the same time, Tokenfox will make efforts to reduce the negative consequences for the User, as far as reasonably possible.
The user is fully aware of and agrees that Tokenfox cooperates with the relevant state and other authorities and organizations investigating fraudulent transactions and other issues falling under the jurisdiction of such authorities and organizations, and also responds to subpoenas and court orders. Within the framework of such cooperation, Tokenfox may provide information about Users that has become known to Tokenfox.
The User acknowledges that Tokenfox and its affiliates cannot be held liable for any legal consequences in any form, including for any losses of the User that may arise as a result of fraudulent actions by someone in connection with the Tokenfox website.

3. Statements, guarantees and obligations of the Tokenfox Contractor

The Contractor's statements and guarantees are formulated in the document "Agreement between Tokenfox and the Contractor", the acceptance of the terms of which is obligatory for the commencement of the provision of Services in the Tokenfox service.
The relationship between Tokenfox and the Contractor not regulated by the "Agreement between Tokenfox and the Contractor" is governed by this Agreement.
All Models that provide Services on Tokenfox provide mandatory documents confirming the age of majority, in the manner prescribed by Tokenfox. If the Contractor has provided fake documents or misled Tokenfox about the age of the Model in any other way, Tokenfox will delete the Contractor's account.
The provision by the Contractor of evidence confirming the compliance of the Contractor with the requirements for persons providing Services in the Tokenfox service is mandatory and is carried out in the manner prescribed by Tokenfox.

4. Tokenfox rights to materials and data of the User and the Contractor

Any data, information, materials, images, broadcasts, videos, photos, offers, etc., etc., including those protected by copyright or other legislation on intellectual rights, created or posted by the User or the Contractor as part of the use capabilities of the Tokenfox service (hereinafter collectively referred to as "materials"), will be the property of the Tokenfox service. Tokenfox has the right to exercise all rights and powers in relation to materials, as the owner of all rights and permissions, for any use, in any way at its discretion, on the territory of any country in the world, independently or with the help of third parties, including making changes, additions to the materials and comments of any kind, use with or without a name.
Tokenfox has the right to track, record and log all actions taken by the User or the Model when using the Tokenfox service (including email address, name / pseudonym, voice, image, chat, individual messages, broadcasts, videos (including individual frames), email).
Tokenfox has the right to use any personal data that became available during the provision of the Services in order to improve the quality of Tokenfox services and popularize Tokenfox.
Tokenfox's right to use materials and personal data appears with Tokenfox as soon as the User or Model starts using the Tokenfox service. The rights are granted to Tokenfox free of charge, do not require additional payments, are irrevocable, and the granting of rights does not require any special registration.
Tokenfox has the right to assign, as well as sublicense to any person / persons at its sole discretion and to any extent any rights and permissions granted above.

5. Payments

To use most of the Services, Users must purchase the appropriate amount of Tokens. Please read the list of Services, terms of their provision and payment.
The prices of paid chats are indicated in the corresponding section of the Site, and are brought to the attention of the Users by posting information next to the indication of the Service.
The prices of the Services may change from time to time. Informing Users about the change in the price of the Services is carried out through the change in the price in the appropriate section of the Site, which allows you to use the Service.
Users are warned about the paid nature of a particular Service.
The price of the Service, which is debited from the User's account, is determined by the second, the price of 1 second of the Service is determined in proportion to the price of 1 minute. Tokenfox has the right to round off the price.
Information about the User's expenses incurred on the Site is available in the User's personal account. In the event of a lack of this or that information, Tokenfox applies to the appropriate payment system at a reasonable request from the User. Additionally, the User has the right to consult with his bank.

5.1 Refund Policy

Once a return is confirmed, it will be effective on the card used in the purchase (not by other methods) within a maximum period of 10 business days.

6. Complaints, Refunds and Illegal Conduct

In the event that the User has claims or complaints regarding payments made in the Tokenfox system, the corresponding appeal must be submitted within 24 hours from the moment of the incident to the Tokenfox customer service department. If the resolution of claims and complaints requires additional information that Tokenfox does not have, the latter has the right to request such information or assistance from the User.
Applications or complaints filed after 24 hours are considered only in exceptional cases, if the deadline is due to extraordinary and unavoidable reasons.
Tokenfox refunds the User's funds in case the damage was caused as a result of violations or shortcomings, responsibility and fault for which lies with Tokenfox.
Refunds will be made using the same payment method with which the Token purchase was made. In some cases, the peculiarities of the payment systems do not allow the User to return the funds to the bank account. In this case, if there are grounds for a refund, Tokenfox restores the balance of Tokens to the User's account in the Tokenfox personal account.
The amount of Tokenfox's liability to the User arising for any reason is limited to the amount of funds received by Tokenfox from the User.

7. Personal data and privacy policy

Using the Tokenfox service, each User and Contractor allows Tokenfox to process personal data related to such User or Contractor.
The personal data of the user or the Contractor includes all data that are provided by the User or the Contractor when registering or using the Tokenfox service, which may include: name, surname, gender, date of birth, contact information, sexual preferences, family ties, hobbies and hobby, information necessary for making payments.
In addition to the data provided directly by the User or the Contractor, Tokenfox may collect and process other data that have become known to Tokenfox from the interaction of the User or the Contractor with Tokenfox or with other Users and Contractors: message texts and video files, data on technical means (devices), technological interaction ( including P-address of the host, type of operating system, type of browser, geographic location, ISP, data from the address book, data obtained from accessing a camera, microphone, etc. devices; information automatically obtained when accessing the service Tokenfox using cookies.
Tokenfox processes personal data in order to meet the interests of the User and Performers, for the proper execution of Tokenfox agreements with Users and Performers, in order to improve the Tokenfox service.
Tokenfox has the right to provide third parties with access to personal data or provide personal data. At the same time, Tokenfox undertakes to responsibly approach the selection of counterparties, and also undertakes to warn them about the need to process personal data in compliance with applicable law.
In addition to third-party counterparties, Tokenfox may provide personal data at the request of the relevant government authorities or to resolve claims and complaints from Users and Contractors.
Users have the right to correct or delete their personal data.

8. Spam

The Tokenfox service is intended for communication between Users and Performers for personal purposes.
Deceptive or misleading messages are not permitted. Bulk mailing of messages of the same type, as well as sending messages in an automated mode, is not allowed.
Messages of an advertising or marketing nature are allowed only with the permission of Tokenfox and in a manner determined by Tokenfox.
Tokenfox has the right to independently and at its own discretion determine the admissibility of certain messages.
Users, Performers have the right to report cases of spam by contacting Tokenfox.

9. Contacts

To contact Tokenfox use the "Contact Support" form [email protected].
Mailing address: ,

10. Other provisions

Tokenfox supplements and changes this Agreement from time to time. You need to get acquainted with the text of this Agreement from time to time. Continued use of the Tokenfox service after Tokenfox makes changes or additions means your agreement with such changes and additions.
Disputes and disagreements arising between the User, the Contractor on the one hand and Tokenfox on the other hand are resolved through negotiations. If it is impossible to settle disputes and disagreements through negotiations within 02 months, disputes and disagreements are resolved in the court of the Czech Republic.
This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.
The invalidity or unenforceability of individual provisions of the Agreement does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.
This Agreement shall enter into force from the date on which the User, Studio or Model registers on Tokenfox or starts using Tokenfox. Registration in the Tokenfox service or the start of using the Tokenfox service means that the User or the Contractor thereby accepts this Agreement. The Agreement will remain in effect until either of the Parties terminates the Agreement.
Termination of using Tokenfox or termination of registration in the Tokenfox service terminates the Agreement. At the same time, permissions for the use of personal data and the use of other materials provided by the User or the Contractor or received by Tokenfox from interaction with the User and the Contractor continue to operate without time limits. means in full compliance with the terms and conditions expressly set forth in this Agreement.

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